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A Special Request [9-June-2015]:

HTHS Members and Friends:

As you are probably aware, there is an ongoing effort, led by Mayor Nic Platt, to renovate and modernize the Township’s Municipal Building, Kirby Hall, funded largely by private donations.  One element that would add to the identity of Harding Township that is expressed in Kirby Hall would be a portrait of our namesake, Warren G. Harding.

We hosted Warren G. Harding III (great grand-nephew of our namesake) this past January at our Annual Meeting.  In subsequent discussions, Mayor Platt persuaded Mr. Harding to donate a high-resolution digital image of a color portrait of his great grand uncle that is suitable for creation of a high-quality print.

Mayor Platt has challenged the Harding Township Historical Society to fund the production and framing of this image (at a cost estimated to be about $1,000).  While the Board of Trustees is in favor of helping to create such a portrait, we feel that we should do so by matching donations of our membership specifically for such an effort.


We ask you to consider making a special donation to HTHS for this purpose.  If we receive sufficient funds, we will match to the extent necessary to create the portrait for Township Hall.

Please reply to Harding Township Historical Society; PO Box 1776; New Vernon, NJ  07976-1776

—Chris Allyn, HTHS Board President

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